ACE Superwhite is a well-known brand of nicotine pouches. It is usually preferred by beginners or girls, due to its low strength and relatively smooth effect. Additionally many people like its peculiar aftertaste.

Although ACE Superwhite does not have the same huge audience as many other brands in our industry, it has a dedicated consumer and fan base.

However, despite the quality material and some other advantages, ACE Superwhite has a number of significant drawbacks:

The most important of them is a short shelf life compared to pouches of other brands. This means that the product is not only stored less, but is also more susceptible to negative effects, which means it is easier to spoil it.

Other significant disadvantages are the taste of bitterness, as well as bad breath and a pronounced nicotine tinge. The moderate moisture content of ACE Superwhite nicotine pods alleviates these sensations, but not completely. For many, this is a real problem, as the product is not suitable for consumption in public places or at work.

In addition, another feature of the ACE Superwhite is the large size of the pouches. For some, this will not be a disadvantage, but nevertheless, practice shows that the large size of the product is inconvenient to use. It does not fit in the mouth and creates discomfort.

Now let’s take a look at Killa’s products.

Killa are high quality, tobacco-free nicotine pouches made from organic products. They are ideal for both everyday use and single use. Their effect will not change in any way.

Thanks to Killa you:

  • Can feel hundreds of extraordinary tastes;
  • Give up tobacco or vaping and reduce the load on the lungs;
  • Feel the buzz without putting your health in high danger;
  • Reduce the amount of smoke in your life;
  • Spend your money on a really rational and cool product.

So which brand is the best? DEFINITELY KILLA?!

Let’s see why!

Killa outperforms the competitor’s brand in many ways.

Firstly, Killa products are of the highest quality. We offer the best and most diverse tastes that do not cause any discomfort. Our nicotine pouches are optimally sized, rich in flavors and have a more rational expiration date. With us, absolutely everyone is guaranteed to find a suitable product of a particular strength, size or line.

Secondly, Killa’s products not only do not contain tobacco, tobacco smoke and sol, but also completely based on organic substances. This greatly reduces the risk of harming yourself.

We are also undoubtedly the leaders in terms of price-quality ratio. Killa has a more pleasant pricing policy for high quality products. We value each of our clients and want our cooperation to be mutually beneficial.

Finally, our brand has a number of such advantages:

  • Ship to all countries in the world;
  • Small / Large wholesale;
  • Free shipping from 150?;
  • Various bonuses and promotions;
  • Only the best flavorings.;
  • Rational prices.

See for yourself.

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