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Introducing the KILLA Double Dutch Cold, our latest limited edition nicotine pouch hailing from Denmark. This novel product by N.G.P Tobacco ApS offers a unique combination of sweetness and intensity that you’ll adore. Elevating the icy chill of mint to a higher level, this KILLA product delivers a stronger cooling effect than our classic Killa Cold Mint. It’s our latest innovation, boasting 16mg/g of nicotine content in a net weight of 16g per pouch.




Each KILLA Double Dutch Cold Slim All White pouch is thoughtfully crafted to provide a comfortable fit under your lip, minimising drip and maximising satisfaction. With 20 slim, all-white pouches per pack, you’ll get a refreshing mint taste that’s sweeter yet more intense than our usual Killa Cold Mint. The nicotine power lasts longer, catering to experienced users seeking an exceptional nicotine delivery. The Double Dutch Cold flavor is a limited-time offering, making it a special addition to the KILLA line of nicotine pouches. Ideal for everyday use, it’s a superior menthol KILLA product that you don’t want to miss.

How to use Nicopods

Time of action 5-30min A plate for resorption, on a plant-based basis, to fight the smoking habit, is not a medicine.
Do not consume: Persons under the age of 18, pregnant, and people with high sensitivity to nicotine. Use: lay behind the upper lip for 5-30 minutes. Then spit it out without swallowing. Use no more than one sachet for 2 hours.


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Weight 1 kg

1 Can, 10 Cans, 1 Box (240 Cans)