Gritt is one of the lesser known but still eye catching brands. It doesn’t attract crowds of people all over the world, but still has loyal consumers who find it excellent. Why?

There are several reasons for this:

Firstly, the Gritt line itself cannot boast of diversity. Because of this, many simply cannot find the right taste or they get tired of trying the same thing. Inconspicuous, but actually a significant problem, isn’t it?

Secondly, Gritt pouches have some peculiar problems. Despite the delicate material, sufficient moisture and pleasant flavor, they cause a salty aftertaste and bad breath. When chewing, additives are felt.

Also, many people do not like the small sizes of pouches, but this, as they say, is not for everyone.

In terms of prices, both Killa and Gritt cost about the same. However, there is one big difference. Killa is a 100% organic product and is much safer for the lungs.

Let’s talk about our brand.

Killa are high quality, tobacco-free nicotine pouches made from organic products. They are ideal for both everyday use and single use. Their effect will not change in any way.

Thanks to Killa you:

* Can feel hundreds of extraordinary tastes;

* Give up tobacco or vaping and reduce the load on the lungs;

* Feel the buzz without putting your health in high danger;

* Reduce the amount of smoke in your life;

* Spend your money on a really rational and cool product.

So which brand is the best overall? Definitely KILLA?!

Why? Everything is simple! Let’s compare Killa and Gritt.

Our Killa brand surpasses it in many ways.

  • We have original tastes of pouches. There are a lot of them, so everyone can find the perfect option for themselves. Killa products are perfect for both boys and girls.
  • Killa material is soft and pleasant to the touch, absolutely everyone likes it. It is smooth and does not leave lumps on the fingers or in the mouth.
  • Besides, Killa leaves a pleasant aftertaste and good breath. You will not have any discomfort either after or during chewing.
  • In addition, Killa is safer for the health and body. It is created on the basis of organic substances, which means it does not contain tobacco, sol and tobacco smoke. Lungs do not feel significant harm.

Finally, our brand has a number of such advantages:

  • Ship to all countries in the world;
  • Small / Large wholesale;
  • Free shipping from 150?;
  • Various bonuses and promotions;
  • Rational prices.

See for yourself.

P.S. As for discounts. Each customer is entitled to a 15% discount on their first purchase. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to take advantage of this promotion!

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