Nicotine pouches

Finally, a modern solution to the problem of smoking has been found! Nicotine pouches are what will help you forget about tobacco forever. Nicotine pouches (nicopods) are a unique product, thanks to which everyone now has access to an alternative nicotine consumption, not related to tobacco smoking. These are small portions that are placed under the lip and allow you to get the effects of nicotine without having to smoke tobacco or chew nicotine gum. Yes, it’s not a mistake. Nicotine pouches really do not contain a single gram of tobacco or ash, which means they do not cause smoke and are not harmful to the lungs. They are made from organic ingredients, including cellulose, menthol and nicotine in varying concentrations. Nicopods are mostly white, but can be colored, it all depends on the manufacturer and the formula. In terms of strength, nicotine pouches are:
  • light strength;
  • medium strength;
  • high strength.
If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with the light type and choosing products with optimal strength as you feel it. Another feature of nicopods is a huge palette of flavors. They can be classic minty, exotically fruity, berry, ultra-fresh, etc. Now everyone can find the right product without any problems. Over 15 brands of nicotine pouches and nearly 50 different series of represented brands are available for purchase at Killa’s online store. You can buy KILLA, PABLO, XTRIME, ZYN, BLCK, LYFT, VELO and many more nicopods from us. The total number of types of nicotine pouches in our store exceeds 200 pieces and is constantly increasing with new products. If you don’t know what to choose, we recommend checking out these 4 brands of nicotine pouches:
  • Killa;
  • Pablo;
  • BLCK;
Killa is one of the best nicopod manufacturers in the world. This brand is represented by a huge number of nicotine pouches of all different flavors and strengths. However, they all have one thing in common – high quality. Killa pouches are created on a plant-based basis from the best materials using a unique recipe. They are completely tobacco-free, safe and provide long-lasting pleasure. Pablo is Killa’s older brother. It is ultra-powerful and gives an excellent nicotine kick. Pablo combines amazing strength, refreshing flavors and great quality. Once you try it, your world will never be the same again. No tobacco, no ash, and no harmful micronutrients. Only natural power. Not recommended for beginners. BLCK is a modern type of ultra pleasant nicotine pouches from the creators of Killa and Pablo. Its products are incredibly flavorful and refreshing. The main features of BLCK snus are lightness, long-lasting effect and especially mild aftertaste. With it you will not only enjoy your favorite flavors, but also make your breath fresh for a long time. They are great for beginners and experienced guys alike. XTRIME is a special line of tobacco-free nicotine pouches that provide long-lasting, intense pleasure and are known for their amazing effects. It combines the most extraordinary flavors and can give a unique twist even to the classic taste. XTRIME nicotine pouches are optimally soft and moist, they are pleasant to use and do not cause any discomfort. The choice of nicotine pouch is up to you. Try everything and find the perfect one for you. Suggest to your friends, discuss your choices, and realize that all nicopods are cool in their own way. Don’t believe it? See for yourself! Remember, always follow the instructions so you don’t hurt yourself and get maximum enjoyment. At the Killa online store, you’re sure to find everything you need😉