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The Elf Bar ELFBULL ICE presents its Energy Ice disposable device, promising an enchanting experience with every delicious draw. You can relish your favourite energy drink flavour in two nicotine options: one with 20mg and another nicotine-free version. This vape ensures a smooth throat hit, letting you enjoy the icy energy blast, with or without nicotine, anytime you wish.

💨 Over 600 PUFFS;

💎 High quality and excellent material;

📏 Convenient sizes;

💰 Favorable price and much more. 💯



The Energy Ice flavour from Elf Bar Elfbull Ice the taste of a familiar energy drink, with an added touch of invigorating icy menthol for a refreshing twist. Elf Bar 600 range includes a variety of scrumptious flavours, all pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid, providing instant relief from cravings. These pre-charged, disposable vapes offer ultimate convenience with no need for button pressing, coil changing, recharging, or refilling. Just take it with you and replace when the flavour or charge starts to dwindle. The robust 550mAh battery ensures a long-lasting vaping experience.

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