Shiro Extra Strong


Shiro Extra Strong is the elite brand of nicotine pouches that everyone has probably heard of. As the name suggests, its main feature is its hard taste and strong sensations.

Besides this, Shiro has other advantages, such as a rather pleasant smell, high quality and convenient size of the pouch itself. Overall, this is a pretty good brand.

However, it also has small flaws that can cause discomfort and ruin all the fun. For example, rough material and small lumps that form during chewing. It is these factors that can cause injuries to the oral cavity and bad breath.

In addition, Shiro products are quite expensive. Their cost is higher than Killa by 10-15%.

Does this price match the quality of the product? This is a very controversial issue..

Now let’s talk about Killa.

Killa are high quality, tobacco-free nicotine pouches made from organic products. They are ideal for both everyday use and single use. Their effect will not change in any way.

Thanks to Killa you:

* Can feel hundreds of extraordinary tastes;

* Give up tobacco or vaping and reduce the load on the lungs;

* Feel the buzz without putting your health in high danger;

* Reduce the amount of smoke in your life;

* Spend your money on a really rational and cool product.

There is no doubt that Killa is superior to Shiro. Why? Everything is simple. Let’s compare these two brands.

Firstly, Killa, unlike its competitor, has a variety of pouches tastes. There are a lot of them, so everyone can find the perfect option for themselves. Killa products are perfect for both boys and girls.

Secondly, Killa’s products not only do not contain tobacco, tobacco smoke and sol, but also completely based on organic substances. This greatly reduces the risk of harming yourself.

Besides, Killa leaves a pleasant aftertaste and good breath. You will not have any discomfort either after or during chewing.

We are also undoubtedly the leaders in terms of price-quality ratio. Killa has a more pleasant pricing policy for high quality products. We value each of our clients and want our cooperation to be mutually beneficial.

Finally, our brand has a number of such advantages:

  • Ship to all countries in the world;
  • Small / Large wholesale;
  • Free shipping from 150?;
  • Various bonuses and promotions;
  • Rational prices.

See for yourself.

P.S. As for discounts. Each customer is entitled to a 15% discount on their first purchase. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to take advantage of this promotion!

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