BLCK nicotine pouches – for true connoisseurs of sophisticated tastes

The BLCK is a modern type of ultra pleasant nicotine pouches from the creators of Killa and Pablo. Its products are incredibly flavorful and refreshing. They are great for beginners and experienced guys alike

The main features of BLCK snus are lightness, long-lasting effect and especially mild aftertaste. With it you will not only enjoy your favorite flavors, but also make your breath fresh for a long time

BLCK nicotine pouches are plant-based and made of soft, high-quality material that makes the process even more comfortable. They are as organic and safe as possible for the body. Developed by the best experts BLCK products will amaze you with their coolness

There are 6 types of BLCK nicotine pouches available in the Killa online store:

  • Blck Blueberry;
  • Blck Melon;
  • Blck Watermelon;
  • Blck Cola;
  • Blck Cold Mint;
  • Blck Spearmint.

They are all of the same strength, which creates the perfect balance of feeling: 12mg/1gram.

Blck Blueberry
Blck Blueberry is suitable for new users as well as people who like to simply enjoy their dose of nicotine and play around with refreshing & juicy flavours. This berry flavor will conquer your taste buds, it will not leave anyone indifferent

Blck Watermelon
Blck Watermelon is an absolutely unique nicotine pouch flavor. It impresses with its sweetness and light aroma. Despite this, it is not harmful to the teeth and enamel. Treat yourself to your favorite watermelon anytime, anywhere with Blck

Blck Melon
This line of products will immerse you in the summer atmosphere and provide wonderful relaxation. Sweet melon will give you a feeling of coolness and leave a pleasant aftertaste. In addition, the average nicotine kick will seem smooth and special to you

Blck Cola
Blck flavored with your favorite cola is a real hit. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the coolest drink at any time. Combine the two products together for even more enjoyment. With Blck, everything is real

Blck Spearmint
Blck Spearmint is a super refreshing series of nicotine pouches. It is especially gentle and pleasant, making the taste even more exquisite and flavorful. Perfect for those who want to refresh and make the experience as smooth and soft as possible

Blck Cold Mint
Blck Cold Mint is a classic type of nicotine pouch that will always come in handy. It consists of several kinds of fresh mint and contains notes of Arctic ice, which gives instant freshness. Using it you will not only experience a buzz, but also make your breath pleasant for a long time

Blck is a well-known brand that definitely deserves your attention. It will raise your level of buzz and open up a new palette of flavors. Try it and your world won’t be the same.