Pablo Snus is one of the most powerful types of nicotine pouch known for its awesome taste and strong effect. Its main feature is a hard aftertaste, unique sensations and excellent quality. Created on an organic basis, Pablo Snus does not contain tobacco, tobacco smoke and sol. It is ten times safer than any cigarette. Pablo Snus, like an expensive car, will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are 4 types of Pablo nicotine pouches available in the Killa online store:
🔸Pablo Dry;
🔸Pablo Exclusive;
🔸Pablo Mini.


Pablo is a classic type of non-tobacco products of this brand. It includes several truly amazing nicotine pouches: Pablo Ice Cold, Pablo Ice Cold XXL, Pablo Red and Pablo X Ice Cold. Their main difference is the high dose of nicotine, namely 30mg/1gram. It provides enhanced sensations.
Pablo gives a fast, immediate effect and absorption of nicotine. It’s perfect for those who like really hard flavors and have experience with nicotine pouches.
Remember, Pablo is very strong and powerful, he should not be tried by beginners.

Pablo Dry

Pablo Dry is the same good old and amazing Pablo only at times drier. It has the same awesome qualities as the classic Pablo, but is less moist and has a sharper aftertaste.
This product line consists of 3 types: Pablo Dry Ice Cold, Pablo Dry Red and Pablo Dry X-Ice Cold. All of them comply with international quality standards and will surprise you with natural sensations. The nicotine content of Pablo Dry is 30mg/1gram, which is great for experienced guys.

Pablo Exclusive

Pablo Exclusive is the most numerous type of Pablo products. It includes 8 different nicotine pouches: Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice, Pablo Exclusive Bubblegum, Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice, Pablo Exclusive Frosted Mint, Pablo Exclusive Grape Ice, Pablo Exclusive Mango Ice, Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake, Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Lychee.
This line of products is very strong, it contains a unique dose of nicotine: 50 mg/1 gram. Pablo Exclusive is famous for its variety of tastes and is created for the most extreme lovers of the most powerful sensations.

Pablo Mini

Pablo Mini is the most unusual and versatile type of Pablo. It not only perfectly conveys the three classic flavors of the series, but also has its own special feature – a compact size. This unique feature allows you to use Pablo Mini everywhere – at a meeting, in a cafe and even on a date.
This line includes 3 different nicotine pouches: Pablo Mini Ice Cold, Pablo Mini Red, Pablo Mini X-Ice Cold. Their nicotine strength: 30mg/1gram. Pretty good for its size?
Pablo Mini is ideal for everyday use. In addition, this is the best kind of Pablo for girls.

Pablo is definitely one of the best brands in our field. It wins hundreds of thousands of hearts of customers around the world with its awesome tastes, high quality and reasonable price. Pablo will not leave anyone indifferent.


1. What is the price of Pablo nicotine pouches?

These nicotine pouches are sold in our online store at a unique price from: €3.31.

2. Where can I buy Pablo products?

All Pablo products are available for purchase in our online store. You can easily order any product you like. If you have any questions, please contact our online consultant, he will always help you.

3. What is Pablo made of?

Pablo is created on an organic basis and contains high quality ingredients. It consists of: E460 cellulose, E501 PH-adjustment, E1520 humectant, Nicotine, Aroma, Water and Preservative.

4. Is it true that Pablo’s nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco?

Yes, Pablo is indeed free of tobacco, tobacco smoke and sol. It does not harm the lungs much, unlike other smoking products.

5. To which countries do we deliver Pablo?

We deliver products throughout Europe and many other countries. The entire list of countries is shown to buyers when ordering. You can find out more by contacting our online consultants.